May 9, 1989 (34th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ian Deans

Mr. Jean-CIaude Malepart (Laurier-Sainte-Marie):

Mr. Speaker, my supplementary question is for the Minister responsible for National Health and Welfare.
I spoke to Mr. Tobin, the Health Department toxicology official, and he told me that the Health Department, which is also responsible for the environment, had not been informed and that he too knew that the Environment Department had previously been notified.
Can the Minister tell us how come his Department did not conduct a thorough study of the health consequences for people who may have used (contaminated) gasoline or heating oil, advising them of the potential dangers of cancer and liver disease?
Is the Minister of National Health and Welfare able to reassure the people on that?
Hon. Perrin Beatty (Minister of National Health and
Welfare): Mr. Speaker, my Department does regular samplings of foods from across the country to look for contaminants that may be in the food chain. Never at any time have we found excess amounts of PCBs, dioxins or furans in the last several years. In addition, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment has monitored some 60 water treatment plants for PCBs since 1987 and have found no excess PCBs in water around Ontario during that time.

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