May 3, 1989 (34th Parliament, 2nd Session)


David James Walker

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Walker:

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank our hon. colleague from Beaver River for her comments. I notice the change in strategy. There are several westerners in the House right now, everywhere from the Lakehead west, listening to the comments and our curiosity about the Party and the stance of the Party. I notice that she is very critical of the Government and for its Budget. I would like to also point out for the record that she did support the Speech from the Throne. I take it that this is a change in strategy which I would like her to clarify for us, that her critical comments means that she is opposing the Government's Budget strategy. In particular, I would like to have some comments from her as to how she thinks the Government's high interest rate strategies affect the West.
Miss Grey Let me also point out that I am here representing the Reform Party, not the Liberal Party or the NDP. The fact that I may support a Liberal in Alberta would certainly be a far stranger aberration than an NDP or a Reform Party member.
Nonetheless, I would like to say in answer to that that my position as an elected Member of the House of Commons is to represent my constituents. My constituents, and indeed I believe western Canadians, are in favour of free trade, so if I am hurting any of the opposition Members' feelings on that, I am sorry. All I can do is speak on behalf of my constituents.
I campaigned from Thanksgiving straight through until March 13. I have been around Beaver River, let me tell you. The people there were very strongly in favour of free trade, and if that offends any of the opposition Parties, then I have to beg forgiveness from them. But my job in terms of representing my constituents was to be pro-free trade.
I have made it fairly clear what I feel about the Budget, and that is the issue at hand right now. I will certainly be voting with the Government sometimes and with the Opposition sometimes, according to the wishes of my constituents.
The Budget-Miss Grey

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