April 18, 1989 (34th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Steve Butland

New Democratic Party

Mr. Butland:

Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I have a question. I excerpted a few words from the hon. gentleman's speech, and he spoke of human mistakes and equipment failure. I would like to point out a couple of facts in air safety that I do not think have been divulged in the past few days of debate. One of them is the Government's radar modernization program. I am told by reliable sources that in the case of American-Cana-dian skies the Canadian software is not compatible with the American aircraft, causing a great deal of extra concern with regard to air safety.
Second, with regard to the reclassification of northern airports across this country, the difference of two feet, on the old measurement scale, can result in a decrease of five firefighters in my particular constituency. I believe it is the same for 16 other airports across the northern part of Canada. My question is very specific. The principle of the Board, I think our Party agrees with, but will the Member not accept the fact that the present government policies of cut-backs exacerbates the problem. That is the real problem rather than the creation of the safety Board.

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