December 22, 1988 (34th Parliament, 1st Session)


Steve Butland

New Democratic Party

Mr. Steve Butland (Sault Ste. Marie):

Mr. Speaker, I welcome the opportunity to address the House on an issue which will likely affect all Canadians early in 1989. This issue is the negotiations or lack thereof between the federal Government and its 137,000 civil
servants. These negotiations could result in the largest strike in Canada's history.
The negotiation process has been stalemated by the Treasury Board and apparently its strategy is to offer little, request concessions, force overtime, and generally bully the workers into submission. There is also the ever present threat of cut-backs.
Morale is non-existent.
Generally these people are being treated as second-class citizens. It actually is no surprise since we have already experienced government's attitude to displaced workers as a result of free trade.
We should all make ourselves, as responsible representatives, aware of the plight of our civil servants, acknowledge it and finally address it before a most serious crisis is upon us.

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