December 22, 1988 (34th Parliament, 1st Session)


Michel Champagne (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for External Relations)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Michel Champagne (Champlain):

Mr. Speaker, in the last election campaign, the Liberals and the New Democrats have tried to scare the Canadian people, especially farmers, by telling them that free trade could threaten their future. On the contrary, Mr. Speaker, our Government was responsible enough to protect our marketing boards by including Article XI of GATT in Article 710 of the Agreement. That means, Mr. Speaker, that the Canadian dairy industry will stay in place and grow stronger and that the poultry and egg industries have been strengthened and protected as farmers had requested.
In addition, Mr. Speaker, we are sensitive to the fact that we export a lot of pork, beef and horticultural products to the United States. Mr. Speaker, as a responsible Government, we couldn't say no to those producers who need guaranteed access to the American market. We couldn't say no to developing a policy allowing our farmers to expand. That is why, Mr. Speaker, on November 21, Canadian farmers and cooperatives said yes to a Progressive Conservative Government as it is the only party to offer a positive and progressive option for the future of Canadian agriculture.


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