December 21, 1988 (34th Parliament, 1st Session)


Martin Brian Mulroney (Prime Minister)

Progressive Conservative

Right Hon. Brian Mulroney (Prime Minister):

Mr. Speaker, in the last two days I have indicated that I neither approve of it nor do I believe that it meets the test of what the Supreme Court said. I indicated this in response to the Member for Notre-Dame-de-Grace and other members of the Leader of the Opposition's Party.
I indicated this morning that the position I have held and continue to hold is that I hope the Government of Quebec could find, as the Supreme Court suggested, a way of accommodating those two fundamental principles of respect for the French speaking dimension of Quebec and respect for the principles enshrined in the Quebec Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
That in regard to the specific issue is the way we wish it to be done. Anything less than that of course is disappointing to us. I have conveyed this to the House time and time again. I have responded to members of the Leader's Party. In respect of the protection of minority rights in the Province of Quebec, both the Member for Mount Royal and the Member for Notre-Dame-de-Grace complemented me and congratulated the Government on its stand on Monday and Tuesday.

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