September 22, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ramon John Hnatyshyn (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Ray Hnatyshyn (Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada):

Mr. Speaker, I will be very brief. This is one of the few times I have heard the Hon. Member for Yorkton-Melville (Mr. Nystrom) speak in the House recently. I simply want to assure him that I am here and that I am fully in support of this motion which was moved in view of the obstruction of the Opposition, particularly of the New Democratic Party.
September 22, 1988

I want the people of Canada to remember that here is a Party that likes to hold itself out as being the social conscience of Canada, but when we bring in the first child care program in the history of this country the NDP is out there blocking every move in order to thwart this program for the people of Canada. The New Democratic Party of Canada should be ashamed of itself. I think the next time the Member goes back to Saskatchewan-and we are all waiting for him to come back soon because we only see him there once in a while and it is a great pleasure for us-he will have some explaining to do. When he goes from Aylmer back to Saskatchewan I want him to tell the people of Saskatchewan why he, now the great defender of the Government of Saskatchewan, is blocking this legislation. Why is he standing shoulder to shoulder with the Senate of Canada, with Allan J. MacEachen, to block this legislation so that the people of Canada will be denied the largest input of money in the history of this country for child care? This program was brought forward by a Government which has a social conscience, which does not only speak about it, does not wear it on its shoulder, but in fact demonstrates it by actions.
I want the Hon. Member for Yorkton-Melville to go to Saskatchewan and explain to the people there why he has tried to block this particular legislation. I have listened to a lot of speeches in my day. When I was in opposition, 1 used to write my own speeches. I never had to resort to quoting speeches from, for instance, the Minister for International Trade (Mr. Crosbie). We were more creative when we were in opposition. This is a sham, a faqade. The New Democrats are reading our old speeches in support of their position. What has happened to the New Democratic Party? Where is the spirit of J. S. Wordsworth? He must be rolling in his grave because the New Democratic Party of Canada is blocking child care.

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