September 1, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Pauline Browes (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment)

Progressive Conservative

Mrs. Pauline Browes (Scarborough Centre):

Mr. Speaker, I am honoured to present to the Elouse of Commons today a petition about helping to save the Rouge Valley, and the petitioners join with thousands of volunteers who have been working on this project for some years. The Rouge Valley is a unique and precious natural area. Protecting the endangered wildlife and wilderness areas is in the national interest. I would like to invite Hon. Members of the House of Commons and those listening today to visit the Rouge Valley. It is a beautiful place. The petitioners call on the Parliament of Canada and the provincial Government to make this area a Canadian heritage land or a provincial park and the petitioners join with the Scarborough City Council, the federal Minister of the Environment (Mr. McMillan), Save the Rouge Valley System and the Coalition of Scarborough Community Associations.

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