September 1, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


George Harris Hees (Minister of Veterans Affairs; Minister of State (Seniors))

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Hees:

That is the spirit I have always found here. I have just as many friends on the other side of the House as I have in my own Party. I like them all very much. I have received tremendous support and friendship from Members on my own side of the House, and I appreciate so much the very nice accord given to me a few moments ago.
I appreciate receiving the question that I have from the Hon. Member for Beaches who has always shown a tremendous interest in veterans and their welfare. He has continued to do so all the years I have known him, and I know he will always continue to show this interest in the veterans of Canada.
In answer to the question, I am very pleased to advise that effective April 1, 1989, the Veterans Independence Program will be extended to our veterans who served in Canada during both World Wars.

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