September 1, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


George Harris Hees (Minister of Veterans Affairs; Minister of State (Seniors))

Progressive Conservative

Hon. George Hees (Minister of Veterans Affairs and Minister of State (Seniors)):

Yes, Mr. Speaker. To start with I would like to thank all Hon. Members for their very kind and generous expression of goodwill which they accorded me a few moments ago. This is one of the reasons that makes serving in Parliament the finest profession that anyone can have. 1 have enjoyed it tremendously, not only because of the work that we are all able to do but because of the associations that we make,
not only with Members in our own Party but with Members in all other Parties. After all, everyone is here trying to do a job for the people of Canada.
Although our debates may at times get hot and overheated, they are just like football or hockey games. The teams play very hard against each other for an hour, and then usually sit with one another and have a beer.

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