August 29, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Alexander (Bill) Blaikie

New Democratic Party

Mr. Bill Blaikie (Winnipeg-Birds Hill):

Mr. Speaker, I think we have had a good example here this afternoon of what is wrong with environmental law. The Minister of the Environment in Manitoba maintained for two days that it was a federal matter, and the Minister here, when he is backed into a corner, says it is a provincial matter. The fact is there is a need for co-ordination at both levels to deal with the problem. It has not been dealt with properly by any level of government.
The Minister has said we ought to pay attention to the facts. I ask him how he has the nerve to get up and say on behalf of the Minister of the Environment that the boxcar, which incidentally is in my riding, has a fence around it? I was there Thursday afternoon. I walked in from Springfield Road. There is no fence. You just walk in, and walk down the track.
I was there for half an hour and I never even bumped into anybody. I went back later under CP Rail supervision to have a look at the car. There was no seal on it but there is now; no lock, only a bolt.

August 29, 1988
Oral Questions
If the Minister is interested in the facts, why did he not get the facts that were available to me through Environment Canada? He appears to be unable to get those same facts.

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