June 3, 1913 (12th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Adam Carr Bell


We all know it in New Brunswick. We know that the local Government would not even talk to anybody else. My hon. friend knows that Mr. Malcolm made an offer to take the bond guarantee and subsidy and build the road under the legislation we passed in 1911, and to build a railroad and not a tranrway; they treated him with contempt and laughed at him. I repeat that the only man they would consider for a moment was this Vankee, Gould, and they have got him and he has got them. The file is not nearly complete, because I have seen myself letters from Mr. Taylor ordering the contractors on that road north of Fredericton to stop work because he would not approve of the grades and curvatures. The work was stopped for two or three weeks, the contractors being held up; but finally Mr. Taylor was turned down and they went on, and. put in seven-degree curves the same as before and gradients the same as before. More than that, there were no specifications put in this legislation; and so the Government have agreed, by Order in Council, that they shall put in seven-degree curves wherever they want to and one per cent grades wherever they want to. I can take the minister to places in Carle-Mr. CARVELL. :
ton-I have been on the ground myself, and I have seen plans and profiles that Show four seven-degree curves in one and one-quarter miles on a one per cent grade- and the minister talks about transporting freight over a road like that. I find in one of these documents a confession from the company themselves. When the Government engineer was trying to make them put on certain track fastenings to make the road safer from a transportation standpoint, and the company objected, they said: Over thirty per cent of our
road is on curvatures, and less than seventy per cent is on tangents, and if you ask us to straighten up the rails on curvatures, you will make us spend too much money. The Yankee has had his' way every time he has gone up against the minister. I point to a dozen instances, and every time the Yankee comes up to the minister he wins.

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