August 11, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Patrick (Pat) Nowlan

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Nowlan:

-that it is time this matter of dress code was referred at least to the Standing Committee on Management and Members' Services so that we could come up with a rational, reasonable code for the middle of the summer.
I just want to put on record, without taking any more time of the House, my letter to you yesterday:
"Dear Mr. Speaker,
My dear John. With the greatest respect and thoughts to you personally, you made a G.D. ruling. I did not want to create a scene but only to have the matter referred to the Members and Services Committee. For surely if there are summer dress codes everywhere else in the land, ie: messes,-"
That is for the neutral people over there in the NDP. That is armed services messes. It continues:
"-and if we are stupid enough to be here in the summer, then we too should have a summer code.
On the basis of your impetuous and ill-considered ruling, I may come into the House tomorrow in Bermuda shorts and a bikini shirt and reverse the outfit the next day.
Quite frankly, as a Back Bencher, 1 am not too worried about the recognition from the Chair-that is the perpetual state of all Back Benchers, for I truly am concerned about the health of the Members during the summer.
Yours in the Twentieth Century and no bib and tucker for the eons before.
Yours sincerely,
Pat Nowlan
PS: I know 1 am being presumptuous, and you of all people know the reason for the tie, for the men of the old world-chasing women with one hand and eating bones of lamb with the other and sometimes slurped gravy on their waistcoats- those days are gone. There is no more dripping gravy, women are free and so should we-be."
I ask for this matter to be referred to the Management and Members' Services Committee.

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