August 11, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Horton McDermid (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Trade)

Progressive Conservative

Mr. John McDermid (Parliamentary Secretary to Minister for International Trade):

Mr. Speaker, first, the House and the country owe a great deal of gratitude to Ambassador Gotlieb for his work in fighting this omnibus Trade Bill, in having the most severe sections of it removed and other parts watered down. He has done a masterful job of representing our interests in Washington and should be recognized.
Second, we have reviewed the text of the omnibus Trade Bill and we are satisfied there are no provisions in it that would require the administration to take any action which would be inconsistent with the free trade agreement. We have examined that. We have not retreated one iota on this. The free trade agreement is going ahead. We look forward to debating the silly amendments the Hon. Member has brought into the House.

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