July 26, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Roland de Corneille


Mr. Roland de Corneille (Eglinton-Lawrence):

Mr. Speaker, not many Canadians condone the use of the brutal leghold trap in the fur industry. It is obvious the European Community believes that no one should make their living by the inhumane suffering of animals. An animal caught in a leghold trap endures tremendous suffering for a considerable amount of time. It has been documented that animals have
chewed off their own legs to escape the pain caused them by these traps.
Alternate trapping devices do exist and they are more humane than the leghold device. A motion passed by this House on July 20 even states that Canada is a world leader in humane trap research. However, while this motion is aimed at maintaining the livelihood of many Canadians, it is really only a stop gap mechanism, falling far short of providing a solution to the controversy.
If the fur industry is to continue, then those involved in it must change their trapping methods forthwith. They must understand that using the leghold trap will always bring about a public outcry and will lead to the elimination of the fur industry's domestic as well as overseas markets, and even an end to the fur industry itself in Canada.

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