July 15, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Pat Carney (President of the Treasury Board)

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Pat Carney (President of the Treasury Board):

Mr. Speaker, I do not think that our efforts to increase the employment of women, minority groups, the disabled, and natives are outrageous. They are without precedent in the history of any previous Government. We are the first ones to bring in a commitment to employment equity and we have delivered, as yesterday's report shows.
The Hon. Member should be aware that, of course, there may be a downsizing in this group as the Member suggests because we are devolving certain aspects of employment to the territorial Governments and to Indian bands, where nurses and teachers will be affected. That will be because their jobs are being devolved to other agencies. The Hon. Member should take that into account.
In terms of the other issues he raises, I suggest he both read the On Target report and the targets that we have set for the next three years. The Hon. Member should be aware that this Government has spent in excess of $30 million in order to ensure that special measures for employment equity are both in place and enforced.
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