July 14, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Michael Morris Cassidy

New Democratic Party

Mr. Cassidy:

Mr. Speaker, I will be brief. I find that a little bit frustrating as well given that the Government chose not to present its own legislation over the course of the last three or four years and then let it be known it felt it was fulfilling its commitment through the Private Members' Bill which, as the Parliamentary Secretary said, was dealt with in a very responsible and co-operative way by all three Parties.
Could I have an assurance from the Parliamentary Secretary, speaking on behalf of the Government, that the Government, that is the Ministry and the Parliamentary Secretaries,
will not deny unanimous consent if the Hon. Member for Ottawa West (Mr. Daubney) or some other Member were to seek unanimous consent for this matter to come forward through whatever procedural device is required so that it can be debated and pass third reading next week? Can that assurance be given so we will not have a situation where, in its anxiety to respect Private Members' Business, the Government winds up frustrating an initiative which is important to a lot of people and which is just on the brink of being adopted by this House, being threatened only by the clock.

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