July 14, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Claudy Mailly (Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue)

Progressive Conservative

Ms. Claudy Mailly (Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of National Revenue):

The text continues, and I now come to the purpose of my intervention:
"Ms. Mailly is a Federal Conservative Member in the National Capital Region who has not supported the teachers." The text then states that the language teachers will be holding their demonstration on July 6, on the eve, then, of the day this press release was delivered to me-at 2 o'clock pm, at 300 Notre-Dame Street, Gatineau, at Claudy Mailly's riding office, and there follows a phone number where additional information could be obtained.
So I would like to submit this document. First, not only do I find it an act of intimidation directed at me, but they want me to intervene, Mr. Speaker, in a collective agreement and to take sides with one of the parties.
Second, Mr. Speaker, what is even more serious is that it is false. Not only did I support the teachers when they called me during this demonstration, but CHOT Television filmed and broadcast it. I supported the teachers then, not as an interven-or in the collective agreement, because I know that it is my duty not to intervene in such matters, but as a Member of Parliament, by telling them that I was going to speak on their behalf to the President of the Treasury Board (Miss Carney) regarding their demands for preparation time and language of negotiations.
We were told that the negotiations were held entirely in English. So I interceded with the President of the Treasury Board. The Alliance was aware of this because I told the Alliance representative who was in my office. Television and radio reported these facts, but the weekly newspaper Le Dimanche Outaouais, of which I will table a copy, published a photo under which it says, "Demonstration at Claudy Mailly's Office: About thirty teachers of French as a second language working for the federal Government demonstrated in front of MP Claudy Mailly's office last Wednesday. Ms. Mailly is the only Member of Parliament who has not supported this group of 700 teachers who have been without a collective agreement for two years. The demonstrators gave 1,200 post cards of support from the people of Gatineau to Ms. Mailly's executive assistant in her absence." It does not mention at all that I spoke to them . . . Furthermore, I was away, Mr. Speaker, because I was in the House to vote on Bill C-72, which was really my duty as I saw it.
They took advantage of it, knowing very well that I fully supported Bill C-72, and that I would earn a reputation as a defender of French language rights. They chose that time to demonstrate in front of my office, without warning me. But despite that, I took the trouble to telephone the representative. They still distributed the erroneous communique and left it at my office.
Business of the House
I later wrote, Mr. Speaker, to the Public Service Alliance, to tell them that if they did not publicly apologize in a press release, because they knew they were wrong and admitted it, I would have to raise a question of privilege because I find it terrible that one would want to intimidate a Member of Parliament in the exercise of her duties in that way.
So I submit the case to you, Mr. Speaker, because I know that election fever is in the air and I would not want irresponsible journalists who do not check their sources to use what the Public Service Alliance has said with other unions, that they have blacklisted me to defeat me in my riding and that they have already begun to work at it. I find that is intimidation against me and besides, Mr. Speaker, if anyone defends francophones well, I do!

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