July 5, 1988 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Jacques Guilbault (Deputy House Leader of the Official Opposition; Liberal Party Deputy House Leader)


Mr. Jacques Guilbault (Saint-Jacques):

Madam Speaker, I too would like to table petitions concerning the Mulroney-Reagan trade agreement.
I have here two petitions from Quebec, one containing the names of 30 people form Pointe-Claire, Ville Mont-Royal,
July 5, 1988

Saint-Laurent, Beaconsfield, Lachine and various municipalities on the West Island of Montreal.
These people are concerned that Canadian industries are not protected against American trade laws under the Canada-U.S. agreement; the jobs of thousands of Canadians are threatened; and the Conservative Government has not made provision for any retraining assistance for Canadian workers.
Thirty people signed this petition, and I have another on the same subject, signed by 31 residents of Quebec-people from the West Island and other municipalities such as Dollard des Ormeaux, Pierrefond and Pincourt. These people are also concerned and maintain that the Government sold Canada out without obtaining anything in return when it signed the trade agreement with the United States.

I also have a number of petitions from residents of the Province of Ontario. One petition contains 30 names of people in the Kanata area. Another petition contains 25 signatories from people in the Orleans, Ottawa and Vanier area. Also, I have a petition containing 30 names from people in Pembroke-Renfrew and other related areas of the Ottawa Valley. Another petition, containing 30 names is from people in the Hamilton area.
I have another petition containing 26 names from people in Embrun. All of these people claim that the Mulroney Government has sold out Canada and received nothing in return in signing the free trade deal. They claim that the United States has obtained everything it wanted in all key sectors, especially in agriculture, energy, auto trade, financial services and investment. They are worried that thousands of Canadian jobs are threatened and that the Conservative Government has not provided for any adjustment assistance for Canadian workers. All of the petitioners are worried about the Canada-U.S. trade deal and want it pulled out.

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