May 30, 1913 (12th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frank Oliver



I wish to ask for some information regarding Edmonton penitentiary. I understood the hon. minister to say that it was the intention to have the salaries equalized throughout Canada. I am not contending against that, but I want to point out that this seems to 'be a rule that does not work both ways. When it is a question of salaries for officers in penitentiaries, officers in western Canada get the same salary as officers in eastern Canada. When it is a matter of railway freight rates or bank interest or express rates or almost anything of that kind, the expenses are higher in the West and the rates must therefore be higher than in the East. I am willing to accept my hon. friend's provision in this resolution, if he will use his influence to remove these other inequalities.
This resolution provides that the salary of a warden shall not be more than $2,800. Does that mean that the salaries Of wardens shall be $2,800, or is it intended that there shall be a variation in the salaries; and, if so, on what basis is that variation arranged?

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