May 30, 1913 (12th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Edmond Proulx



I know. That would make $3,500 for the warden and $3,000 for the deputy. The warden would have the best quarters, I suppose. In many cases the deputy warden does more work and has more responsibility than the warden. It has been the case in the Kingston penitentiary for some years that the penitentiary has been in charge of the deputy warden.
I think it is still the case even since the superannuation of the old warden and the appointment of the new warden, Colonel Irvine. I do not see why Colonel Irvine was transferred from Stony Mountain to Kingston penitentiary. I saw in the newspapers the other day that he was now at a sanitarium and I understand that he is about 75 years of age. I think he was too old to be transferred from one penitentiary to the other. I would suggest to the minister that he make the salary of the warden $2,500 and that of the deputy $2,000. In regard to the chaplain, I agree with the minister; I think the provision is fair.

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