December 18, 1987 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Lloyd Axworthy


Mr. Axworthy:

Mr. Speaker, I have a very short question for the Hon. Member. The Hon. Member has spent the last three years as a distinguished critic of employment programs, and goodness knows, that has kept him very busy because there has been a lot to be critical about.
We in this House have been told that any proposed adjustment could be handled by existing programs. We find that to be somewhat surprising since all the existing programs for job training have been cut back by several hundreds of millions of dollars in the last three years.
I wonder if the Hon. Member would care to comment on the real requirement for not only effective job-training programs but for programs to deal with the massive dislocation that will take place, as we heard by way of testimony before the Commons committee, in the food processing, the data processing, the printing, the agriculture and the garment and apparel industries. We are talking about some of the most significant and broad-ranging industries in Canada. There will be major job losses in those industries. What will be the requirements and the costs for a massive new adjustment program to respond to those problems?

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