December 10, 1987 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Edward Broadbent

New Democratic Party

Hon. Edward Broadbent (Oshawa) moved:

That this House condemn the government for its failure to allow an adequate period of review prior to the signing of a highly complex trade agreement with the United States pn January 2. 1988 and, as a result, this House calls upon the government to seek an extension of the January 2nd deadline by at least 60 days.
He said: Mr. Speaker, we are just three short weeks away from signing what has been described as the most significant economic agreement in the history of the relationships between Canada and the United States. That description is one which my Party shares. This deal is indeed very significant, if not quite comparable to the Magna Carta which the Prime Minister (Mr. Mulroney) would like to suggest from time to time in his highly exaggerated rhetoric, and will have an immense impact on the lives of Canadians, not only for the rest of this century but into the next century as well.
Yet, as serious as this is, the incredible fact remains that the Parliament of Canada has not yet seen the final text. This is absolutely outrageous.

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