April 21, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Lawrence Geoffrey Power (Speaker of the Senate)



Objection is raised to this motion which has been made by the hon. member for Alberta (Mr. Oliver) and which demands that the report of the committee presenting this petition shall be referred back to the Committee on Stand-Orders. If I understand the situation, a petition was presented some time ago by this reverend gentleman, and was received by the House. The petition has been actually received by the House and has been referred to the Standing Orders Committee. Now, I think also that the petition, even though it be signed by an alien, can be received by this House if the House is disposed to receive it. I see that in many instances, especially concerning private Bills, petitions signed by some aliens have been received. This petition has been before the Standing Orders Committee, a report has been made upon it and the report according to the motion is not satisfactory. I think that the motion to refer back that report to the committee is absolutely in order.

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