April 21, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Thomas Barnard Flint


Mr. T. B. FLINT (Yarmouth).

As chairman of the committee, I may say that there is a little misunderstanding. The point having been called to the attention of the committee that the petitioner appeared, on the face of the petition, to be a non-resident of Canada, I understood the committee to decide that the point should be called to the attention of the House and that only, as regards notice the petition is all right, but that the point should be called to the attention of the House; therefore, nothing more was said and the petition was accepted with that understanding. Of course, there was a haziness about it. My own impression . is that when it was considered it was the intention that the petition should go before the House in the usual way and that the committee should simply call the attention of the House to that particular point in order that it might be considered by the House. As far as that point is concerned the committee expresses no opinion, but I think it would be well that it should go back to the committee to have the question settled as to whether the committee intended to recommend the Bill in calling attention to that point.

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