April 7, 1987 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Gerald Augustine Regan

Mr. Reagan:

These are the weapons of peace we must deploy in the struggle to win a future of liberty for mankind. So many have come to Canada and the United States in hope-let us now give that hope to the world.
Throughout our history our two nations have keenly felt our international responsibilities. Instrumental in founding and maintaining the NATO alliance, through co-operative efforts in NORAD, Canada has taken a leading role in the defence of the free world. Meanwhile, we have co-operated in extending every effort to lessen the dangers of a nuclear-armed world.
Over the past six years, the United States-working closely with Canada and our other allies-has sought to achieve deep reductions in Soviet and American nuclear arms. Thanks to the firmness shown by the Alliance, we are moving toward a breakthrough agreement that would dramatically reduce an entire class of weapons-American and Soviet longer-range, intermediate range, INF missiles in Europe and Asia.

April 7, 1987
We have travelled far to get here-from past treaties that only codified the nuclear build-up, to the point where we may soon see the dismantling of thousands of these agents of annihilation. We are hopeful-we are expectant-but we face many difficulties still. As our negotiators continue to work toward a sound agreement, we are not going to abandon our basic principles-or our allies' interests-for the sake of a quick fix, an inadequate accord.
We will work for truly verifiable reductions that strengthen the security of our friends and allies in both Europe and Asia and that cannot be circumvented by any imbalance in shorter-range INF systems. In short, America will stand where she always stood: with her allies, in defence of freedom and the cause of peace.
We must continue to keep in mind, as well, that a major impetus in our reduction talks has been the growing reality of our Strategic Defence Initiative. SDI supports and advances the objectives of arms control-

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