April 7, 1987 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Gerald Augustine Regan

Mr. Reagan:

We recognize that the issues facing us are many and difficult. And just as this proud Parliament is watching our negotiations, so too is the United States Congress. A comprehensive, balanced agreement that provides open trade and investment on a comprehensive basis, an agreement in which both sides are winners-that is our goal.
Augmenting the spirit of the Uruguay trade negotiations, prelude to our economic summit in Venice this June, our free trade discussions here will be a model of co-operation to the world. Mr. Prime Minister, this will be a pioneering agreement worthy of a pioneering people; a visionary strategy, worthy of the elected head of one of the world's greatest democracies. Mr. Prime Minister, we salute you; and I pledge to you now that, for our part, we shall commit ourselves and the resources of our administration to good faith negotiations that will make this visionary proposal a reality.

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