April 7, 1987 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Gerald Augustine Regan

Mr. Reagan:

Today our task is not merely the survival of liberty, but to keep the peace while we extend liberty to a world desperately in need. Today we still contend against war, against a foreign expansionism, and I will speak to that in a moment. But I wish first to talk about a second struggle, one that must occupy an equal place in our attentions, the struggle against the plagues of poverty and under-development that still ravage so much of mankind.
Our two nations have committed many resources to that struggle, but we have it within our power at this moment to take an historic step toward a growing world economy and an expanding cycle of prosperity that reaches beyond the industrialized powers even to the developing nations. We can lead, first, by our powerful example, specifically by the example of Prime Minister Mulroney's far-sighted proposal to establish a free trade agreement that would eliminate most remaining trade barriers between Canada and the United States.

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