April 30, 1913 (12th Parliament, 2nd Session)



I agree with the hon. member for Saskatoon (Mr. McCraney) when he suggested to the minister that a further extension should be made to December 31 instead of to October 31 for the location of this scrip. I have found out during the past year that much of this scrip that was supposed to be held by speculators, is helf by bona-fide farmers. I have in my own riding several farmers who purchased scrip, paying seven hundred dollars for it. I know of one case where a farmer bought three of them last year. He tried to locate in the Peace River district and was informed at the land office that the time had expired on December 31, 1911. He still holds his scrip and is prepared to locate now when he is given that privilege. I think that to the 31st of October is a rather short period. Borne farmers who are holding scrip in Southern Alberta propose to locate in the Peace River district, and it would take Mr. EDWARDS.
some time to select suitable land. I would suggest to the Acting Minister of the Interior that he meet the suggestion of the hon. member for Saskatoon and extend the time to at least the 31st of December.
I do not agree with my hon. friend the member for Carleton (Mr. Carvell) when he says that grantees of scrip should not have been allowed to assign. In that case a great many of the young men who went to South Africa would not have accepted scrip as it would have been of no value whatever to them. I think it was quite correct to allow one assignment. I heartily approve of this resoluton.

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