April 30, 1913 (12th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Frederick Laurence Schaffner

Conservative (1867-1942)


For once at least I am very much in sympathy with the remarks made by the hon. member for Edmonton with one exception. 1 believe that the Minister of Public Works has stated the facts as they existed at that time, and as they have existed all along. I never could understand, and I stated so at that time, why the Bill of 1912 took the privilege from the substitute, which as I understand this resolution will give back to him. We should have had in 1912 a resolution the same as we have before us to-day. I know personally of some very great hardships that were inflicted in 1911. As the hon. member has said, and as anybody living in the West knows, during November and December or in fact at any time during the winter it would be almost impossible to locate lands. The impression abroad, among the laity at least, was that the same privileges were being granted by the Bill of 1912 as are being granted by this resolution. I know of at least two cases in my own constituency, two widows who were trying to provide for their families, who had purchased this scrip in December and who did not know until January that, being substitutes, they would be unable to locate. I objected last year and I asked that the very same conditions as are in this resolution should be submitted then. I am very glad that the Minister of the Interior has seen fit to provide for those substitutes in that way.

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