April 30, 1913 (12th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Cameron Edwards



A case came under my notice somewhat similar to the one given by the member for Regina. A man formerly in my own county, who went out West, purchased one of these scrips from a South African veteran who was living in Australia. A transfer was made some time in the latter part of August, 1911. He had until the last day of the year to locate. I am not just sure of the day of the week on which that last day came, but I think it was a legal holiday. At all events, the time that he had for locating was comparatively short. He picked two or three parcels of land which he might locate, and a day or so before the time expired, he went to the land office intending to locate on those particular lands. The agent told him that a certain other parcel of land would be open in a day or two and advised him to wait. Acting on that advice, he waited, and when the day came round he went and located on this other land; The agent told him that due allowance would be made for the legal holiday. He was, however, according to the strict interpretation of the Act, a few hours too late. It seems to me that was a case where the fault was not of the man locating, and that his case should receive some consideration. Believing that he was entirely out of it, he surrendered his scrip. I cer-

tainly think that man should be given the right to re-locate.

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