April 30, 1913 (12th Parliament, 2nd Session)


William Melville Martin


Mr. MARTIN (Regina):

There is something in the point raised by the hon. member from Saskatoon (Mr. McCraney). Section 8, in the Act of 1912, with respect to the payment of the $500, is:
Any grantee under the Volunteer Bounty Act of 1908, or any substitute duly qualified in that behalf, as provided for in section 5 of the said Act, may on or before the 31st December, 1912, surrender to 'the Grown all rights under the said Act, and upon executing the surrender, &c., he shall receive the amount of $900.
The point is that a man may have been trying to locate that scrip, whether he be the original grantee or substitute, on the 31st December, and through some misfortune he has failed to locate. It seems to me some time should be fixed in the new Act providing for the obtaining of the $500 after the 31st of October,, which is the date fixed for the location of the South
African warrants. The conditions of the country are such that a man may be perhaps 150 or 200 miles away from a railroad, and some provision should be made for allowing him to get that $500 paid thirty days after the last day on which, under the new Act, he can locate that scrip.
I submit to the minister a concrete case with which I have had something to do. Owing to the fact that the public did not know there would be an extension of time, most holders of scrip decided to get rid of it or surrender it to the Government and accept the sum of $500. _
A man thought the time for locating the scrip was expiring on the 31st December, and he could not locate it and he said he would take $500 from the department. He wrote to the department and through some mistake the execution of the surrender provided for in the Act of 1912, was not properly executed, and is not executed up to the present time. He now knows of this further extension and the question arises whether he will get the scrip he surrendered practically to ;the department, and be able to locate under the provisions of this mew Act. I have been in correspondence with the department for some weeks on that case and it has been ruled that he will not be able to locate his scrip. What is he going to do? I would like to hear the view of the minister as to whether or not that man is entitled to locate his scrip.

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