February 18, 1987 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Ian Deans

Mr. Jean-CIaude Malepart (Montreal-Sainte-Marie):

Mr. Speaker, in a few hours the Minister of Finance (Mr. Wilson) will make his third Budget presentation. We should say his third and a half Budget.
Mr. Speaker, I would suggest that elderly Canadians have every right to expect the Government to redress some of its injustices towards them ever since the Conservative Government was elected in 1984. Naturally, I am referring to making all persons living alone, and all others who are single, separated or divorced eligible for the spouse's allowance; second, reimbursing immediately the 35,000 early retiress who have been deprived of their unemployment insurance benefits; third, continuing a real reform concerning retirement policies, the indexation of private pension plans, and increasing public assistance benefits; fourth, as promised by the Government in
1984, making sure that the three million homemakers will be covered under the Quebec and Canada Pension Plans; and fifth, with respect to family policies, restoring the full indexation of family allowances.
Mr. Speaker, I conclude by expressing the hope that at 4.30 this afternoon the elderly and families in Canada will hear good news.

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