December 15, 1986 (33rd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Roch La Salle (Minister of State (Without Portfolio))

Progressive Conservative

Hon. Roch La Salle (Minister of State):

Mr. Speaker, I welcome this opportunity to remind the senior Members of this House of the many and complex discussions that took place as a result of these expropriations. Today, I am pleased to acknowledge to the Hon. Member that of the sale proposals concerning 1,600 saleable properties when I took over this file, 65 per cent have already been signed, and within the next 12 months, we should have finalized the entirely justified repossession of this land by the original owners.
As for the contentious cases, I can give the Hon. Member the assurance that this week I will be meeting with my director general to discuss them and give those concerned the assurance that they will be given all the help and assistance they need to obtain the fairest possible settlement.

Subtopic:   PUBLIC WORKS
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