November 28, 1985 (33rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Ian Deans (N.D.P. House Leader)

New Democratic Party

Mr. Ian Deans (Hamilton Mountain):

Mr. Speaker, a month ago almost to the day, Max Saltsman held a press conference to announce that he was dying of cancer. When he was asked about his reason for making the announcement, he said he was surprised by the national coverage and the attention he received. He went on to say: "What the hell, they are my people and they deserve to know the truth". Today Max Saltsman passed away.
Max came to Ottawa as a result of a by-election victory in 1964. He came from a business background and he explained his NDP association in these words:
Businessmen can only prosper when people have enough money to buy their goods and services. The economic policies of our Party are designed to produce full employment and higher wages, eliminate poverty, increase assistance to older people, and generally to stimulate purchasing power. Since businessmen depend on the purchasing power of their customers, they stand to gain as much, or more, from NDP policies as everyone else.
As many Hon. Members know, Max Saltsman was a nonconformist. He always had a dream. Whether it was his fight for the under-privileged, or his relentless pursuit of a Caribbean island in order that people from Canada could go south to Canada, he was never without a cause.
We in this Party, and 1 am sure everyone in the House of Commons who knew Max Saltsman would want to join with us, extend our sympathy to his family and his friends. We say to them, as I am sure they know, that his commitment and influence on Parliament and our country will keep him always in our hearts.

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