October 4, 1985 (33rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Ross Belsher

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Belsher:

Mr. Speaker, the Hon. Member in his speech talked about not knowing about the agreement, but later on he referred to a letter written by council with respect to the Toronto Island Airport. I am curious to know on what he was basing his remarks.
I believe the noise by-law provided for in the Bill does have the protection about which the Hon. Member is so worried. It also specifies that no straight jets will be permitted. It is also in the agreement, to my understanding, that no bridges or tunnels will be permitted. That is already in the agreement. The agreement is a public document. It is not something which is being hidden as implied by the Hon. Member.
With respect to the appointment system, it is my understanding that the City of Toronto will be able to appoint three out of five members to the Commission. It also goes one step further in that the members will not just be appointed by the executive of the City Council but will go before the total of the council, the whole council itself, which will make it in line with the rest of the nominations which go to other boards. Therefore, the council has the protection there. This has been worked out with the City of Toronto and the Commission and it is not all one way as the Hon. Member would lead us to believe.
I think those were the points I wanted to cover. I wonder if the Hon. Member would care to comment on those points or should we just leave it at that?

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