February 26, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)


Hugh Clark

Conservative (1867-1942)

Mr. HUGH CLARK (North Bruce).

My hon. friend from Pictou (Mr. Macdonald) has referred to the mutterings that were wafted across the water some time ago, with respect to undue interference on the part of range officers with Canadian riflemen. He has quoted affidavits and declarations made by Canadian riflemen which prove that there was such interference. The Minister of Militia I think has corroborated this. The member for Pictou is privileged to read these affidavits in this House. The Ottawa ' Journal on the other hand, not long ago published an article in which it gave voice to these mutterings of the annoyances and penalties that were imposed >v these range officers on Canadian riflemen. As a result of that, a libel action has been entered against the Ottawa ' Journal ' which must be brought in England, and which is bound to be an exceedingly expensive piece of litigation for the Ottawa ' Journal ', whether it wins or loses. That article was written in good faith, and was written on behalf of Canadian riflemen. It was merely giving voice to the charges that have been made to-day by the hon. member for Pictou (Mr. Macdonald). If the Minister of Militia believes that these charges are well founded, then I think that the Department of Militia ought to come to Jhe assistance and defence of the Ottawa 'Journal; ' at any rate, if the Militia Department is not able to do that, I believe the Ottawa * Journal ' should receive tangi-

ble and substantial sympathy and support from the Dominion Rifle Association.

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