May 2, 1985 (33rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Dave Nickerson

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Dave Nickerson (Western Arctic):

Mr. Speaker, I have a few brief words on what is taking place today on Motion No. 19 and Motion No. 20. Having listened again to the Hon. Member for Cowichan-Malahat-The Islands (Mr. Manly) and the Hon. Member for Glengarry-Prescott-Russell (Mr. Boudria), it is very apparent that hon. gentlemen opposite have run out of things to say on this Bill. They have become extremely repetitive. I would admit that on occasions these two gentlemen do have good ideas and do have something to contribute to debate in this House. At the present time though they have run out of ideas. What we are witnessing is something we very often get at report stage on a Bill where there is a wide difference of opinion between the Parties represented in the House of Commons.
A number of motions have been introduced, not with the idea that they add or take away anything from the Bill, but just as a vehicle for debate and prolongment. The motions we are dealing with here are frivolous motions. They are meaningless. They are senseless motions.

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