May 2, 1985 (33rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Don Boudria


Mr. Boudria:

I can tell from some of the noises coming from the book-ends over here, Mr. Speaker, that that is indeed the case.
The position of our Party is that the Minister and the committee chairman, of course, had rejected Liberal efforts in the past to make a positive contribution to this Bill by giving the Minister the power to promote investment by Canadians. The Minister only wants to exercise negative powers, as we all know, and then very rarely. The Minister seems not to be interested at all, unfortunately, in either participating in this debate himself or even to avail himself of those powers and then share them with his cabinet colleagues. He wants to exercise that authority himself and have that secretive type of discretion which we know is becoming an all too familiar approach of this Government.
I thought that some of the Hon. Members of the Conservative Party, who want a more open Government and who have campaigned on that theme during the last election campaign, would have stood today and demanded from the Minister that this whole process be changed.
I received a little pamphlet which I want to share with you, Mr. Speaker. It is entitled "Speakers Bureau of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada". It says that if one has a meeting someplace, one can phone that group and they will send back-benchers, Members of Parliament, Senators and Parliamentary Secretaries to speak in one's riding. This is misleading advertising, Mr. Speaker. The Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs (Mr. Cote) should investigate this. We in this House know that Conservative back-benchers do not speak. I have yet to see a Conservative back-bencher speak on this issue, save and except, perhaps, the Hon. Member for Calgary South (Mrs. Sparrow) who spoke for a few moments a few days ago. But the Hon. Member who is sitting at the other end here today should be making an important contribution to the debate on this Bill. He has factories in his riding, and the workers in those factories who want their jobs protected want him and the Hon. Member for Montreal-Mercier (Ms. Jacques), and all the others, to participate in this debate.
We would hope that they will say that they want this Bill to be modified in the way that Liberals propose.

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