April 11, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)



Yes, another excuse ; possibly a mistake in placing some of these factories in the graingrowing region. We have discontinued one or two, and I fear that we will have to discontinue some others. We have lent altogether $43,540.63. Of that $24,528.87 has been repaid at present, leaving a balance of $19,011. Eight of these factories out of twenty-one have repaid the whole of the advances, four others have paid very nearly all, and I am certain will entirely repay next season if there is anything like the work that has been done lately. There are a few which I fear will lose money. These are, Edmonton and its tributaries, Maple Creek, Prince Albert and Duck Lake, and Wolseley and Moffat. The others owe much smaller amounts and it is likely they will be able to pay off. After all that is not a bad showing although I confess that the anticipations have not been realized as far as the actual financial view is concerned.
I think, however, that the progress of the country there has been benefited to an enormous extent, and that the encouragement to settlers on the whole is quite good compensation for the investment which was made, even if in some instances we lost.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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