April 11, 1902 (9th Parliament, 2nd Session)


Edward Hackett



You are building one of those cheese curing establishments in Eastern Ontario, another in Western Ontario ; one in French Quebec and one in English Quebec. Why in the name of all that is good and gracious cannot you build one in Prince Edward Island, where the people have gone largely into the cheese industry ow'ing to the energy of Prof. Robertson and prior to this government coming into power. Prof. Robertson came down to Prince Edward Island under the Conservative government and established these cheese factories, and they have been a great success. The cheese industry lias been a success there without any assistance from this government, only that they rented this cold storage room from the Rattenburys, friends of their own in Charlottetown. The least the government ought to do is to build one of those cheese curing establishments in Prince Edward Island. The minister tells us that when the cheese is treated in one of those places it will come out perfect and be worth from three to four cents a pound more than ordinary cheese. Why should not the people of every province have the benefit of them. Why build two in Ontario and two in Quebec and not build any in New Brunswick. Nova Scotia. Prince Edward Island and Manitoba. We should have in the province of Erince Edward Island this means of turning the dairy products of the people to ' the best advantage. I trust the minister

will see his way clear to establish one of these places in Prince Edward Island.
To promote dairying interests by advances for milk and cream, to be recouped out of the proceeds of sales of such butter and cheese, to be placed to the credit of the Consolidated Revenue Fund, $40,000.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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