February 27, 1985 (33rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Ross Belsher

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Belsher:

Mr. Speaker, while I agree with part of the Hon. Member's comments, I must disagree with others because of some of the actions we are taking. The Hon. Member has heard this afternoon that the Minister of Transport and other Ministers are meeting with the native people who are questioning whether this project should take place. The CNR cannot go ahead until the Minister of Transport signs the Order in Council permitting them to do so.
Fisheries and Forestry
The Hon. Member refers to bringing this motion to a vote this afternoon. If no one stands up to speak on it, then it will be brought to a vote. Nonetheless, I believe all the facts should be brought out into the open. You cannot say you are going to consult if you turn around and do not consult.
This Government which took over on September 4 is trying to say to the people of Canada that we are consulting. People say we are taking too long to take action on things. Well, we will make mistakes and there is no doubt about that. But we will make them with the best of intentions, with all of the facts we can get before us. We are not saying that CN has consulted extensively or done enough. That is why the committee is involved with the native people. Do you want the committee to work or do you not?
We know there is a two-year time lag because of the spawning habits of pink salmon. This is very important and affects more than just my riding or the riding we are discussing. The natives are concerned about this industry as well, and it is for this reason that we will continue to make sure we get all the facts out and on the table.

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