February 6, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)


John Gillanders Turriff



I think the change could be fairly made with the safeguards surrounding it which the Minister of Trade and Commerce suggests. There is no doubt that the name ' Manitoba ' having been used for a number of years, some little inconvenience would be caused in changing it. When the name was adopted, the great bulk of western wheat was grown in Manitoba; but at present there is a great deal more wheat grown in Saskatchewan than in Manitoba, and in the future there will be many times more. Take the case of flax. All our flax is sold under the names ' No. 1 Northwestern Manitoba,' and ' No.
1 Manitoba Flaxseed,' although Saskatchewan grows 90 per cent of all the flax grown in the whole Dominion; and naturally the people of Saskatchewan who produce this flax do not want it to be called by the name of another province. The suggestion made by the hon. member for Edmonton strikes me as a very good one. I think we should cut out the names Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta altogether, and use instead one name that would be fairly distinctive of the whole western country, surrounding the change with the precautions suggested by the minister. If this is done,
I do not think any loss will be suffered by the producer, the miller or the exporter.

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