February 6, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)


James Alexander Robb



As an easterner I am prepared to support the Manitoba members in their defence of the word ' Manitoba.' It seems to me that if we make this change we shall be doing something that will disturb trade conditions in regard to both wheat and flour. We have built up in this country and on the Liverpool market
a reputation for Manitoba wheat and Manitoba flour that is worth a great deal to every grower of and every dealer in western wheat. On the Liverpool market Manitoba wheat is generally quoted a little higher, for instance, than Duluth wheat; and in the United States hard wheat belt people do not confine themselves to a general term such as we propose to introduce. For instance, hard wheat is generally spoken of as Duluth wheat, while hard wheat flour is spoken of as Minnesota flour. These are trade marks which they have built up. In the same way we have built up the trade mark of Manitoba flour and Manitoba wheat on the Liverpool market, and I think the minister should hesitate before introducing any legislation that will disturb these conditions.

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