February 1, 1912 (12th Parliament, 1st Session)


Roch Lanctôt



It is only a question that I want to ask the hon. member. On the 16th January last, on the item for a public building at Napier, I asked the hon. member if it was the intention of his department to erect the building on the site purchased by the late government. His answer was that effectually there was a vote of $15,000 for a public building in the city of Napier, on St. Luke street, that $1,000 had been paid for the site and that the work was to be proceeded with without delay.
That was on the 16th of January last. On the 22nd January I received a letter from Mr. Pierre Bourgeois in which letter I am asked to interest myself in this question and see that he is paid by the Department of Public Works. Therefore he had not been paid on the 22nd, in spite of what was said by the minister on the 16th. I wrote immediately to Mr. Bourgeois informing him that he must have received a cheque in settlement of his claim, since the minister had declared on the 16th that he had .paid for the site in question. On the 28th January I received another letter from Mr. Bourgeois stating that he had not yet been paid. . .
I would like to know from the minister, how is it that the cheque has been sent to Napier more than three months ago and that Mr. Bourgeois has not yet been paid.
I do not know if my information is correct, but I am told that the Department of Public Works has written to the Department of Justice advising them to do nothing until further advice. The Department of Justice, in turn, has written to Mr. Barrette,'notary, not to make the payment until he receives further instructions.

Topic:   SUPPLY.
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