November 8, 1984 (33rd Parliament, 1st Session)


Gordon Edward Taylor

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Gordon Taylor (Bow River):

Mr. Speaker, the Hon. Member for Winnipeg-Fort Garry (Mr. Axworthy) when he was a member of the Liberal Government, along with his Liberal colleagues procrastinated for some 15 months before bringing in amendments to the Western Grain Stabilization Act. He and the Liberal Minister of Agriculture dilly-dallied while some 400 farmers went bankrupt. Progressive Conserva-
November 8, 1984

tive members pleaded, argued, entreated, and even prayed for a pay-out so farmers could plant their crops last spring. But the Liberals refused, and finally in the dying days of the last Parliament they brought in the Bill. They promised a pay-out of $300 million.
However, yesterday the same Hon. Member for Winnipeg-Fort Garry shed crocodile tears and talked about a pay-out of $500 million. What gall! What hypocrisy! This PC Government lost no time in completing the pay-out, and because of the excellent attitude of the Ministers of Transport, of Agriculture, and of the Wheat Board, hundreds of farmers are now rethinking about opting out. PCs will change the Act in order to trigger a pay-out when a pay-out is needed. The Liberals talk. The PCs act.

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