June 29, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Roméo LeBlanc (Minister of Public Works; Minister responsible for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation)


Hon. Romeo LeBlanc (Minister of Public Works):

1. Yes. (a) The Committee advises the NCC on matters relating to major real property transactions including acquisition, disposals, leases and easements in the National Capital Region. In addition, the Committee advises on other matters concerning real property management, particularly in the area of policy development.
Name (ii) Occupation (iii) TermGeorges Couillard Lac Megantic, Quebec Real Estate Advisor One year, renewable annually for a maximum of five yearsJames Butler Toronto, Ontario Real Estate Advisor Joseph H. Chung Montreal, Quebec Urban economist M. J. Fitzgerald Ottawa, Ontario Agriculture Specialist William Assad Gatineau, Quebec Businessman Edmund Nesbitt Ottawa, Ontario Real Estate " "James William Parker St. John's, Newfoundland Businessman " "Robert Frechette Ste-Foy, Quebec Real Estate Advisor n nWilliam Patrick Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Contractor Monica Becott Prince George, British Columbia Alderman Armand Turpin Hull, Quebec Businessman " "
(c) (i) The Committee members receive remuneration as follows: $200 per day or $100 per half day for attendance at meetings and time spent in performing special assignments approved by the Commission, a travel time allowance of not less than $50 plus $25 per hour for any number of hours
exceeding two to a maximum of $400 per return trip, reasonable travelling and other expenses are reimbursed.
(ii) For 1983-84, Committee members received remuneration of $14,500 and were reimbursed travel expenses of $13,113.
(d) No other direct funding is provided. However, certain secretariat costs, such as office supplies, stationery, etc., are covered by the National Capital Commission budget.
2. (a) Four times, (b) There is no set minimum limit to the number of times the Committee should meet, (c) The Committee reviewed various items pursuant to its mandate, (d) The Committee does not publish reports or recommendations.

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