June 29, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


Donald W. Munro

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Donald W. Munro (Esquimalt-Saanich):

Mr. Speaker, earlier this month the 27th Annual Croatian Day celebrations took place in Vancouver. These celebrations mark the long and honourable history of Canadians of Croatian heritage, who number in the tens of thousands. Many Croatians settled on the West Coast more than a century ago and played an important part in the building of British Columbia. Canada owes much to these people, yet the federal Government continues to ignore its obligations to an issue of concern to 80 per cent of the Yugoslavs in Canada who are of Croatian origin.
One major problem results from the lack of adequate Canadian consular services in Yugoslavia. Members of the Canadian Croatian community have long requested that a Canadian Government consular office be established at Zagreb in Croatia, Yugoslavia. This seems only fair, given that the Yugoslav Government maintains three consular offices in Canada, one in Montreal, one in Toronto, and one in Vancouver, as well as an embassy in Ottawa.
Additionally, a Canadian Consulate in Zagreb is a reasonable request when one considers that the only office of our Government in Yugoslavia is in Belgrade, several hundred miles from where Croatians live. Many Croatians must therefore travel a great distance to the Serbian capital of Yugoslavia in order to process passports, visas, and immigration documents, or to consult with the Canadian Government on business matters. Surely if the Yugoslav Government deems it important to operate-

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