June 21, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Carnell Crosbie

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Crosbie:

Winnipeg-Birds Nest pipes up. Is there a birdbrain to match that bird's nest I wonder?
In my final couple of minutes I will say that the Government has not made any pretence of making a real effort even to put Canada in a position where we can defend our own shores or control our own coastal waters. That is one of the things that really offends me. I am from an island, Mr. Speaker, the island of Newfoundland. If we need to be defended we need a navy and an air force. As I have said here before, the people in Newfoundland cannot sleep at night because they do not know the day or the moment that St. Pierre et Miquelon is going to invade. Who can prevent St. Pierre et Miquelon from invading Newfoundland? We may wake up one day French. In a way that would solve my problem, Mr. Speaker. I would be a French citizen. Nobody could say that I was not. I might even learn the language more rapidly than I am now.
Nevertheless, Mr. Speaker, it well behooves a government that is not prepared to devote sufficient resources to provide adequate defence forces to control and patrol our own territory to ask us to pass a Bill with the imperfections of this one and to rush it through in the last moments of this Parliament.
The NDP Member for Regina East suggested that an election be held. There are many reasons for having an election today, Mr. Speaker. This is a Government that has not governed this country-and I am going to be generous about it-certainly since January.
I have to wind up my remarks. I am delighted, Mr. Speaker, that I had a chance to give you some of my views on security and intelligence. I vote against this Bill confident in the fact that I am right in doing so for some of the reasons that I have outlined tonight.

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