June 21, 1984 (32nd Parliament, 2nd Session)


John Carnell Crosbie

Progressive Conservative

Mr. Crosbie:

I know I will always be looked after by the Government opposite. They put me brother in charge of Fisheries Products International Limited. I know if he needs an executive assistant, they will fire me in there too. I hope I never have to do that, however.
The point I am trying to make is a serious one. There are many good Members on the Government side and on this side who would be more than happy and delighted to serve on committees such as this, and who have the talent and the ability. They would make the time to do it. Those are the people who should be doing it, the people who represent the public. The public knows, for example, that the Hon. Member for Edmonton West (Mr. Lambert), if they approach him on a security intelligence problem or something like that, will be interested. He has been in public life for many years and is identifiable as a public figure. He is still active. If there was some irregularity, he would be bound to see that it was followed up. If he was a member of this review committee, he would get to the bottom of it. If he could not get satisfaction behind the scenes, he would get it publicly by simply asking
questions in the House, or wherever it might be. That is the kind of person we need on the review committee.
I am not quite sure how many members it is supposed to have. But supposing there are five, then of course three should be from the Qpposition and two from the Government. There should always be a majority from the Opposition who are not going to be embarrassed if the Government has to be embarrassed to rectify some injustice which has occurred.
That is one of the reasons I am very happy to support the position of our Party with respect to this Bill. There is a major defect in the review of these operations alone. We all know we have to have a security service, but why does the Government not know that in addition to a security service we need to be in a position to defend ourselves effectively? It makes one a bit sick to see the pressure put on to put this Bill through the House when we know the Government does not care about the defence effectiveness of Canada whatsoever. It has ignored our NATO obligations and responsibilities for donkey's years, for 16 years at least, since the present Prime Minister (Mr. Trudeau), who told me today that he is going, took office. That is the first time I really believed he was going. I asked him this afternoon and he said that yes, he was going to resign. He confirmed it. I do not think that he would disappoint me by saying one thing in the House and doing something different. For the first time, Mr. Speaker, I really got the impression that the Prime Minister is going to go. More is the pity that he did not wait till we had defeated him before he went. Nevertheless, we wish him well in his retirement. He would be a dandy to have on this committee, by the way.

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